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Over Your Competition Even In Today’s Terrible Economy...

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FINALLY!  The quickest, fastest and easiest way to fuel explosive growth for your company without taking on ANY additional payroll expenses or overhead: hiring (unpaid) interns


Before I had interns working for me, my life was crazy. Check out "Mentoring Your Way To Millions"... it's really complete... extremely valuable regardless of what kind of business you're in. It gives you a step by step guide... just get started right away! Justin and Dreama's program is great and I recommend it to anybody."

- Jim Simcoe, Consultant
Encinitas, CA


Inside this guide you’ll find out what all of the Fortune 500 companies like Google, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Apple and Paramount Pictures use to grow their companies, find new talent, AND keep their payroll costs under control: hiring interns.

Inside “Mentoring Your Way To Millions” you’ll discover:

The 10 Easy Steps To Setting Up Own Internship Program (that are so simple and easy to follow that literally ANYONE, no matter what kind of business they own, can do this)
How To Find, Hire & Manage Your Interns With Ease (it’s easier than you think!)
The “Double Edged Sword” That Today’s Youth Face (and why they are DESPERATE to take an internship with your company)


If you’re working too hard, not making enough money, or simply “don’t have time” to finish existing projects or start new ones, you need an intern today.

“Mentoring Your Way To Millions” is the fastest way for you to get your first intern.  In this executive guide for business owners & entrepreneurs across the globe, we’ll reveal:

How to compensate your intern (on page 27)
How to get an intern working for you if you don’t have office space for them to come to every day (a simple solution we give you on page 31)
The best websites to find interns and get flooded with resumes (on pages 34-35)
How to approach schools directly to find even more interns literally begging to get experience with your company (detailed on page 38)
What you need to know BEFORE you contact these schools (found on page 42)
How to set yourself apart from all of the other businesses out there when speaking to the schools (on page 44)
How to write & submit your job description (covered on pages 46-51)
How to properly interview your intern so you don’t get stuck with a “dud” (we reveal this on page 56)
A little known “secret test” to screen out weak applicants, and have the cream rise to the top (explained on page 58)
How to successfully manage your interns (on page 60)
Plus MUCH, much more…

“Mentoring Your Way To Millions” is available for a limited time for only $27.

And when you order today, you’re protected to by our 100%, no questions asked, no hassle, Money Back Guarantee:


When you order today you will also have instant access to the following bonuses:


Is a copy of our “Unpaid Internship Understanding Of Agreement.” This is a document written by our attorney that you can use when someone accepts an internship with your company.  The “Unpaid Internship Understanding Of Agreement” ensures that your intern has a clear understanding of exactly how their internship will be structured and keeps you in compliance.


Is a special report we wrote titled “101 Ways Your Intern Can Triple Your Website Traffic” and is packed full of ideas and strategies that you can instantly get your intern working on to improve your website.

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